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저 자 Sungho Kim, In So Kweon
학 회 로봇공학회 논문지
논문일시(Year) 2006
논문일시(Month) 09
In this paper, we present a practical place and object recognition method for guiding visitors in building
environments. Recognizing places or objects in real world can be a difficult problem due to motion blur and camera
noise. In this work, we present a modeling method based on the bidirectional interaction between places and objects
for simultaneous reinforcement for the robust recognition. The unification of visual context including scene context,
object context, and temporal context is also. The proposed system has been tested to guide visitors in a large scale
building environment (10 topological places, 80 3D objects).

List of Articles
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로봇공학회 논문지 2006 / 09
» 비디오에서 양방향 문맥 정보를 이용한 상호협력적인 위치 및 물체 인식
Sungho Kim, In So Kweon
로봇공학회 논문지 2006 / 09
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Sungho Kim, Jun-sik Kim, In So Kweon
로봇공학회 논문지 2006 / 09
158. 단일 및 다중 컬러 영상에서 이색성 선 공간을 이용한 조명 색도 추정
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Hyoseok Hwang, In So Kweon
20th Workshop on Image Processing and Image Understanding (IPIU) 2008 / 02
155. 에피폴 기반의 로봇 자율 주행
Jungho Kim, In So Kweon
제 2회 한국지능로봇 하계종합 학술대회 2007 / 06
154. 영상 매칭 및 자세 추정을 이용한 무인 차량의 위치 추정
Yunsu Bok, Youngbae Hwang, In So Kweon
한국군사과학기술학회 종합학술대회 2007 / 08
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