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저 자 Jean-Charles Bazin, In So Kweon, Cedric Demonceaux, Pascal Vasseur
학 회 (OMNIVIS ‘07) in conjunction with ICCV’07
논문일시(Year) 2007
논문일시(Month) 10
Nowadays, robotic systems are more and more equipped with catadioptric cameras. However several problems associated to catadioptric vision have been studied only slightly. Especially algorithms for detecting rectangles in catadioptric images have not yet been developed whereas it is required in diverse applications such as building extraction in aerial images. We show that working in the equivalent sphere provides an appropriate framework to detect lines, parallelism, orthogonality and therefore rectangles. Finally, we present experimental results on synthesized and real data.

List of Articles
186. Efficient Feature Tracking for Scene Recognition using Angular and Scale Constraints
Jungho Kim, Ouk Choi, In So Kweon
IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) 2008 / 09
185. Pose Estimation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle by Catadioptric Vision
Jean-Charles Bazin, In So Kweon
the 13th IEEE Korea-Japan Joint Workshop on Frontiers of Computer Vision (FCV ‘07) 2007 / 02
184. UAV Attitude Estimation by Vanishing Points in Catadioptric Images
Jean-Charles Bazin, In So Kweon, Cedric Demonceaux, Pascal Vasseur
IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA’08) 2008 / 05
183. [Book] Object Identification and Categorization with Visual Context
Sungho Kim, In So Kweon
KAIST 2008 / 05
182. Hierarchical Graphical Model-based Methods for Object Identification and Categorization with Visual Context
Sungho Kim
KAIST 2007 / 02
181. Metric reconstruction from images using rank-deficient relations
Jun-sik Kim
KAIST 2006 / 02
180. Robust Correspondence Search under Photometric Variations and Image Ambiguity
Kukjin Yoon
KAIST 2006 / 02
179. Catadioptric vision based localization and mapping for indoor mobile robot
Gijeong Jang
KAIST 2005 / 08
178. Appearance-cloning : Photo-consistent 3D modeling from multi-view images
Howon Kim
KAIST 2004 / 08
177. Shot Detection and Temporal Interest Point for Event-based Clustering and its Application to Golf Videos
Seunghoon Han
KAIST 2004 / 08
176. High-speed automatic edge detection using pixel group statistics and fuzzy-based automatic thresholding
Dongsu Kim
KAIST 2003 / 02
175. Image-based Visual Servoing for Linear Path Control
Jaeseung Cho
KAIST 2002 / 08
174. Chromatic invariant based image retrieval for three dimensional objects
Jiyeun Kim
KAIST 2002 / 02
173. Mobile robot navigation using fuzzy based sensor fusion
Wangheon Lee
KAIST 2001 / 08
172. Robust and direct estimation of camera motion and 3-D structure from stereo image sequence
Seongkee Park
KAIST 2000 / 08
171. A biprism stereo camera system
Doohyun Lee
KAIST 2000 / 08
» Rectangle Extraction in Catadioptric Images
Jean-Charles Bazin, In So Kweon, Cedric Demonceaux, Pascal Vasseur
(OMNIVIS ‘07) in conjunction with ICCV’07 2007 / 10
169. Robust motion estimation and statistical change detection in image sequences under time-varying illumination
Youngsu Moon
KAIST 2000 / 08
168. 3D structure recovery and motion segmentation using uncalibrated cameras
Jongeun Ha
KAIST 2000 / 02
167. Optimization-based approaches in computer vision
Dongjoong Kang
KAIST 1999 / 02
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