International Workshop on Computer Vision and Applications

by 박재식 posted Sep 21, 2009


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International Workshop on Computer Vision and Applications이 개최되었습니다.

아래와 같은 강연이 있었습니다.

Prof. Jong Beom Ra, KAIST
Title : Retinex image enhancement

Prof. Yasushi Yagi, Univ. of Osaka, Japan
Title : Gait recognition

Prof. In So Kweon, KAIST
Title : Object categorization and multi-labeling

Prof. Pascal Vasseur, UPJV, France
Title : Catadioptric Matching

Dr. Peter Sturm, INRIA, France
Title : Complete photoconsistency optimization in multi-view stereo

Prof. Kyoung Mu Lee, Seoul National University
Title : Co-Recognition of image pairs by DDMCMC image exploration