Robotics and Computer Vision Lab


Three papers have been accepted to Robotics and Automation Letters with International Conference on Robotics and Automation, RA-L & ICRA, 2022.


[1] Learning Open-World Object Proposals without Learning to Classify 

Dahun Kim, Tsung-Yi Lin, Anelia Angelova, In So Kweon, and Weicheng Kuo


[2] Self-Supervised Depth and Ego-Motion Estimation for Monocular Thermal Video Using Multi-Spectral Consistency Loss

Ukcheol Shin, Kyunghyun Lee, Seokju Lee, and In So Kweon


[3] Adaptive Cost Volume Fusion Network for Multi-Modal Depth Estimation in Changing Environments

Jinsun Park*, Yongseop Jeong*, Kyungdon Joo, Donghyeon Cho, and In So Kweon 

(* Equal Contribution)