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관리자 2017-08-08 12:54:37
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We have 6 papers accepted to International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV) 2017

[Spotlight] 1. Weakly and Self Supervised Learning for Content-aware Deep Image Retargeting
Donghyeon Cho, Jinsun Park, Tae-Hyun Oh, Yu-Wing Tai, In So Kweon

[Poster] 2. Personalized Cinemagraphs using Semantic Understanding and Collaborative Learning
Tae-Hyun Oh , Kyungdon Joo , Neel Joshi , Baoyuan Wang , In So Kweon , Sing Bing Kang

[Poster] 3. Deltille Grids for Geometric Camera Calibration
Hyowon Ha , Michal Perdoch , Hatem Alismail , In So Kweon , Yaser Sheikh

[Poster] 4. VPGNet: Vanishing Point Guided Network for Lane and Road Marking Detection and Recognition
Seokju Lee, Junsik Kim, Jae Shin Yoon, Seunghak Shin, Oleksandr Bailo, Namil Kim, Tae-Hee Lee, Hyun Seo
k Hong, Seung-Hoon Han, In So Kweon

[Poster] 5. Pixel-Level Matching for Video Object Segmentation using Convolutional Neural Networks
Jae Shin Yoon , Francois Rameau , Junsik Kim , Seokju Lee , Seunghak Shin , In So Kweon

[Poster] 6. Two-Phase Learning for Weakly Supervised Object Localization
Dahun Kim, Donghyeon Cho, Donggeun Yoo, Inso Kweon

Seven members in our lab. will take part at ICCV 2017 in Venice.
Participants: Tae-Hyun Oh(graduate), Kyungdon Joo, Gyeongmin Choe, Donghyeon Cho, Junsik Kim, Seokju Lee and Dahun Kim