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관리자 2019-07-04 11:44:15
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We have four papers accepted to IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), IEEE, 2019.


1. "DISC: A Large-scale Virtual Dataset for Simulating Disaster Scenarios",

Hae-Gon Jeon, Sunghoon Im, Byeong-Uk Lee, Dong-Geol Choi, Martial Hebert, and In So Kweon


2. "Learning Residual Flow as Dynamic Motion from Stereo Videos",

Seokju Lee, Sunghoon Im, Stephen Lin, and In So Kweon 


3. "Camera Exposure Control for Robust Robot Vision with Noise-Aware Image Quality Assessment", 

Ukcheol Shin, Jinsun Park, Gyumin Shim, Francois Rameau, and In So Kweon.


4. "Vehicular Multi-Camera Sensor System for Automated Visual Inspection of Electric Power Distribution Equipment".

Jinsun Park, Ukcheol Shin, Gyumin Shim, Kyungdon Joo, Francois Rameau, Junhyeok Kim, Dong-Geol Choi and In So Kweon.


5. "Fast Perception, Planning, and Execution for a Robotic Butler: Wheeled Humanoid M-Hubo".

Moonyoung Lee, Yujin Heo, Jinyong Park, Hyundae Yang, Ho-Deok Jang, Philipp Benz, Hyunsub Park, In So Kweon and Jun-Ho Oh.