Robotics and Computer Vision Lab


관리자 2014-09-15 17:26:24
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We have three papers accepted in the 12th Asian Conference on Computer Vision, 2014, Singapore.

1. Robust Binary Feature Using Intensity Order
Yukyung Choi , Chaehoon Park , Joon-Young Lee , In So Kweon

2. Accelerated kmeans Clustering using Binary Random Projection
Yukyung Choi , Chaehoon Park , In So Kweon

3. Real-time Head Orientation from a Monocular Camera using Deep Neural Network
Byungtae Ahn , Jaesik Park , In So Kweon

4. A Two Phase Approach for Pedestrian Detection.
workshop in conjunction with ACCV, My Car Has Eyes: Intelligent Vehicle with Vision Technology
SoonMin Hwang , Tae-Hyun Oh , In So Kweon