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2014.07.01 19:27

Extrinsic Calibration of 2D Laser Sensors

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저 자 Dong-Geol Choi, Yunsu Bok, Jun-sik Kim, In So Kweon
학 회 International Conference on Robotics & Automation (ICRA)
논문일시(Year) 2014
논문일시(Month) 05
This paper describes a new methodology for estimating a relative pose of two 2D laser sensors.
Two dimensional laser scan points do not have enough feature information for motion tracking.
For this reason, additional image sensors or artificial landmarks have been used to find a relative pose.
We propose the method to estimate a relative pose of 2D laser sensors without any additional sensor or artificial landmark.
By scanning two orthogonal planes, we utilize only the coplanarity of the scan points on each plane and the orthogonality of the plane normals.
Experiments with both synthetic and real data show the validity of the proposed method.
To the best of our knowledge this works provides the first solution for the problem.

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