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저 자 Kukjin Yoon, Yoojin Choi, In So Kweon
학 회 Proceeding of the IEEE Conference on Image Processing (ICIP)
논문일시(Year) 2005
논문일시(Month) 09
In this paper, we present a new dichromatic-based method
for estimating illuminant chromaticity using a single image.
In the proposed method, specular pixels are roughly
extracted from an input image and projected into the threedimensional
dichromatic line space according to their image
chromaticities and dichromatic slopes. Reliable dichromatic
lines are then obtained by detecting local maxima in
the dichromatic line space. Illuminant chromaticity is finally
estimated by finding the intersections of the resulting
dichromatic lines.
The proposed method has some advantages. The proposed
method can deal with highly textured images since
it does not require precise color segmentation. In addition,
the proposed method does not suffer from nearly parallel
dichromatic lines and it can estimate artificial illuminant