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저 자 Kyoungsig Roh, Bume-Jae You, In So Kweon
학 회 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA)
논문일시(Year) 1998
논문일시(Month) 05

We propose a new method for recognizing three-dimensional objects using a three-dimensional invariant relationship for a special structure and geometric hashing by single-view. We use a special structure consisting of four co-planar points and any two non-coplanar points with respect to the plane. We derive and invariant relationship for the structure, which is represented by a plane equation. For recognition of 3-D objects using geometric hashing, a set of points on the plane is mapped into a set of points intersectiong the plane and the unit sphere, thereby satisfying the invariant relationship. Because the structure is much more general than these previously structures proposed by Rothwell et al. [1] and Zhu et al. [2,3], it gives enough many voting to generate hypotheses.
Experiments using 3-D polyhedral objects are carrid out to demonstrate the feasivility of our method for 3-D object recognition.

List of Articles
260. A Camera Calibration Method using Concentric Circles for Vision Applications
Jun-sik Kim, Howon Kim, In So Kweon
The 5th Asian Conference on Computer Vision (ACCV) 2002 / 01
259. Optimal Photo Hull Recovery for the Image-based Modeling
Howon Kim, In So Kweon
The 6th Asian Conference on Computer Vision (ACCV) 2004 / 01
258. Robust Background Maintenance for Dynamic Scenes with Global Intensity Level Change
Kapje Sung, Youngbae Hwang, In So Kweon
5th International Conference on Ubiquitous Robots and Ambient Intelligence(URAI) 2008 / 11
257. Foreground Extraction Using Blur Information
Kapje Sung, Seong-Heum Kim, In So Kweon
15th Korea-Japan Joint Workshop on Frontiers of Computer Vision(FCV) 2009 / 02
256. Local-Driven Semi-Supervised Learning with Multi-Label
Teng Li, Shuicheng Yan, Tao Mei, In So Kweon
IEEE Conference on Multimedia and Expo (ICME2009) 2009 / 06
255. Measuring Conceptual Relation of Visual Words for Visual Categorization
Teng Li, In So Kweon
IEEE Conference on Image Processing (ICIP2009) 2009 / 11
254. Contextual Bag-of-Words for Visual Categorization
Teng Li, Tao Mei, In So Kweon, Xian-Sheng Hua
IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology (CSVT) 2010 / 01
253. An Efficient Structure from Motion for 3D Reconstruction of Large-scale Scene
Yekeun Jeong, In So Kweon
Korea Robotics Society Annual Conference (KROC) 2007 2007 / 06
252. 다중반사특성을 이용한 새로운 초음파 거리 센서
Wangheon Lee, In So Kweon
ICASE논문집 2002 / 04
251. 이동 로봇을 위한 컬러 표식 기반 자기 위치 추정 기법
Kukjin Yoon, Gijeong Jang, Sungho Kim, In So Kweon
Journal of Automation and System Engineering 2001 / 09
250. 3차원 형상복원을 위한 새로운 시각장치
Doohyun Lee, In So Kweon
제어자동화시스템공학회지 2000 / 05
249. 투사영상 불변량을 이용한 장애물 검지 및 자기위치 인식
Kyoungsig Roh, Wangheon Lee, Joonwoong Lee, In So Kweon
제어자동화시스템공학회논문지 1999 / 02
248. 영상변형을 이용한 선행차량과의 충돌시간 및 법선벡터의 예측
Jaeyong Lee, Seongkee Park, Kyoungsig Roh, In So Kweon
제어자동화시스템공학회논문지 1998 / 06
247. 지배주파수도를 이용한 미소표면 결함추출을 위한 영상처리 알고리즘
Sangwon Kim, In So Kweon
Journal of the Institute of Control, Automation and Systems Engineer 1996 / 03
246. 이동로봇주행을 위한 영상처리 기술
Kyoungsig Roh, Dongsu Kim, Wangheon Lee, In So Kweon
전자공학회지 1996 / 12
245. 표면의 반사모델을 이용한 타이어 정보마크의 추출
Jongeun Ha, Jaeyong Lee, In So Kweon
Journal of the Institute of Control, Automation and Systems Engineer 1996 / 12
244. 교통정보 검지기 및 지능형 자동차 개발을 위한 영상처리 알고리즘
Youngsu Moon, Sangchul Jung, Joonwoong Lee, Dongjoong Kang, In So Kweon
제어자동화시스템공학회지 1996 / 11
243. 알루미늄 박판의 Stretch Forming 에 관한 연구
Kim Dongwon, In So Kweon
대한기계학회지 1983 / 02
242. A biprism-stereo camera system
Doohyun Lee, In So Kweon, Roberto Cipolla
IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) 1999 / 06
241. A new image-based visual servoing using virtual image plane and geometric constraint
Howon Kim, Jaeseung Cho, In So Kweon
International Workshop on Advanced Mechatronics 1999 / 12
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