Robotics and Computer Vision Lab

Research Area

  1. RCV Research Area 3 : 3D Reconstruction

    Date2018.03.07 CategoryReasearch Area By관리자 Views1645
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  2. [Current] Visual Perception for Autonomous Driving in Day and Night

    Date2018.02.27 CategoryProject ByJIT Views630
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  3. [Current] Megacity Modeling

    Date2018.02.27 CategoryProject ByJIT Views406
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  4. [Current] Intelligent Robot Vision System Research Center (Localization technology development Team)

    Date2018.02.27 CategoryProject ByJIT Views337
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  5. [Current] i3D: Interactive Full 3D Service (Foreground/Background Segmentation Part)

    Date2018.02.27 CategoryProject ByJIT Views245
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  6. [Past] National Research Lab: Development of Robust Vision Technology for Object Recognition and Shape Modeling of Intelligent Robot

    Date2018.02.27 CategoryProject ByJIT Views309
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  7. [Current] Intelligent Robot Vision System Research Center (Detection Tracking Research Team)

    Date2018.02.27 CategoryProject ByJIT Views414
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  8. RCV lab Research Fields

    Date2018.02.27 CategoryReasearch Area ByJIT Views2910
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  9. [Image Processing] Noise Model Edge and Corner Detector

    Date2018.02.27 CategoryReasearch Area ByJIT Views542
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  10. [Image Processing] Adaptive Weights based Dense Stereo

    Date2018.02.27 CategoryReasearch Area ByJIT Views558
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  11. [Object Recognition] Context based Object Recognition

    Date2018.02.27 CategoryReasearch Area ByJIT Views1162
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  12. [3D Modeling] Sensor Fusion of Camera and Laser for Large-Scale 3D Reconstruction

    Date2018.02.27 CategoryReasearch Area ByJIT Views767
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