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[International Conference] Autonomous Homing based on Laser-Camera Fusion System
IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) , October 2012
  iros2012.pdf iros2012.pdf (1.2M) [203]
Building maps of unknown environments is a critical factor for autonomous navigation and homing, and this problem is especially challenging in large-scale environments. Recently, sensor fusion systems such as combinations of cameras and laser sensors have become popular in the effort to ensure a general level of performance in this task. In this paper, we present a new homing method in a large-scale environment using a laser-camera fusion system. Instead of fusing data to form a single map builder, we adaptively select sensor data to handle environments which contain ambiguity. For autonomous homing, we propose a new mapping strategy for building a hybrid map and a return strategy for selecting the next target waypoints efficiently. The experimental results demonstrate that the proposed algorithm enables the autonomous homing of a robot in large-scale indoor environments in real time.


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