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[International Conference] Intra-class Key Feature Weighting Method for Vocabulary Tree Based Image Retrieval
The 9th International Conference on Ubiquitous Robots and Ambient Intelligence (URAI 2012) , November 2012
  FINAL-URAI12-042_Copyright.pdf FINAL-URAI12-042_Copyright.pdf (433.9K) [146]
With the existing feature weighting methods of image retrieval field, it was impossible to use the fact that images have different key features depending on their classes because the same weight is applied to every image class. We propose a method of indexing features
of each class in order of importance and giving them relevant weights, which can be applied to image retrieval. We designed a simple weight mapping function in order to enhance the distinctiveness between the image classes and also proposed a method to re-rank sub-class image set to apply different weight vectors to image retrieval framework. Wedemonstrated the proposed method on the existing image retrieval framework to compare and verify the performance. Proposed method was evaluated with UKBench Dataset and the result showed a noticeable improvement.


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