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[International Conference] PRISM: A System for Weighted Multi-Color Browsing of Fashion Products
Donggeun Yoo , Kyunghyun Paeng , Sunggyun Park , Jungin Lee , Seungwook Paek , Sung-Eui Yoon , In So Kweon
International World Wide Web Conference (WWW) Companion , April 2014
  de56-yoo.pdf de56-yoo.pdf (10.0M) [146]
Multiple color search technology helps users find fashion products in a more intuitive manner. Although fashion product images can be represented not only by a set of dominant colors but also by the relative ratio of colors, current online fashion shopping malls often provide rather simple color filters. In this demo, we present PRISM (Perceptual Representation of Image SiMilarity), a weighted multi-color browsing system for fashion products retrieval. Our system combines widely accepted backend web service stacks and various computer vision techniques including a product area parsing and a compact yet effective multi-color description. Finally, we demonstrate the benefits of PRISM system via web service in which users freely browse fashion products.


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