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[International Conference] Extrinsic Calibration of Non-overlapping Camera-Laser System using Structured Environment
IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) , September 2014
  iros2014_ysbok_published.pdf iros2014_ysbok_published.pdf (906.2K) [145]
In this paper are presented simple and practical solutions to extrinsic calibration between a camera and a 2D laser sensor, without overlap. Previous methods utilized a plane or an intersecting line of two planes as a geometric constraint with enough common field-of-view. These required additional sensors to calibrate non-overlapping systems. In this paper, we present two methods for solving the problem – one utilizes a plane; the other utilizes an intersecting line of two planes. For each method, an initial solution of the relative positions of a
non-overlapping camera and a laser sensor, was computed by adopting a reasonable assumption about geometric structures. Then we refined it via non-linear optimization, even if the assumption was not perfectly satisfied. Both simulation results and experiments using real data showed that the proposed methods provided reliable results compared to ground-truth, and similar or better results than those provided by a conventional method.

This research is supported by the National Research Foundation, Korea, under the NRF-ANR joint research programme (No. 2011-0031920).


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