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[International Journal] Extrinsic Calibration of 2D Lidars using Two Orthogonal Planes
IEEE Transactions on Robotics (T-RO) , February 2016
  tro2016_dgchoi_published.pdf tro2016_dgchoi_published.pdf (1.2M) [146]
Scanned points of 2D lidars do not have enough feature information for correspondence matching.
For this reason, additional image sensors or artificial landmarks at known locations have been used to find the relative pose.
We propose a novel method of estimating the relative pose between 2D lidars without any additional sensors or artificial landmarks.
By scanning two orthogonal planes, we utilize the coplanarity of the scan points on each plane and the orthogonality of the plane normals.
Even if we do not capture exactly orthogonal planes, the method provides good results using non-linear optimization.
Experiments with both synthetic and real data show the validity of the proposed method.
We also derive two degenerate cases, one related to plane poses, the other caused by the relative pose.
To the best of our knowledge, this work provides the first solution for the problem.


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