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Robotics and Computer Vision Lab


 Robotics and Computer Vision Laboratory was established in 1992 to analyze the cognition capability of the human visual system and to develop a high-performance computer vision system. We have succeeded in developing and commercializing many automatic systems, and have developed vision systems for intelligent mobile robots and unmanned vehicles.    

 We raise the people who are full of FOVS. It is the philosophy of RCV. F : F stands for failure. We learn from failure. We are not afraid of failure. O : Open minded RCVians collaborate with an open mind. V : V is our vision. We have a dream. We will accomplish the dream. S : Self-disciplined RCVians conduct research passionately with self-control.



Research Area


  • Recognition and Video
  • Domain Adaptation
  • Machine Learning
  • Multi-model Learning
  • Adversarial Attack



  We are currently working on computer vision and its application to robots. To lead the trend of both the academic and industrial requirements, we are having more focus on deep-learning-based computer vision algorithms. We research various fields in computer vision. At the head of the general recognition and perception task, the topics related to training the network robust, such as domain adaptation and adversarial attack are our battlefield as well. We also cover the broad area of the topics related to computer vision, for instance, multi-modal, 3D & depth completion, and a video summarizing.



Prof. In-So Kweon was appointed as an assistant professor of the Department of Automation and Design Engineering, KAIST in Seoul.
The first masters graduated. (J.K.Oh, K.C.Lee, S.W.Kim)
Prof. In-So Kweon was promoted to an associate professor of the Department of Electrical Engineering, KAIST
The first Ph.D. graduated. (J.W.Lee)
Prof. In-So Kweon went to Cambridge University as a visiting professor.
The laboratory moved from Seoul to Daejeon.
Prof. In-So Kweon received a research prize of KAIST.
Ph.D. W.H.Lee was invited as a BK researcher.
Prof. In-So Kweon served the IPIU as the organization committee chair.
Prof. In-So Kweon was promoted to a professor of KAIST.
The laboratory was designated as a National Research Laboratory. (NRL 2003)

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In So Kweon (iskweon [at]
Room #211, Kim Beang-Ho & Kim Sam-Youl ITC Building (N1), Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST),
Guseong-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Republic of Korea