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관리자 2020-03-11 17:34:46
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We have four papers (two orals) accepted to Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, CVPR, 2020.



1. Video Panoptic Segmentation (Oral)

   Dahun Kim, Sanghyun Woo, Joon-Young Lee, In So Kweon


2. Unsupervised Intra-domain Adaptation for Semantic Segmentation through Self-Supervision (Oral)

   Fei Pan, Inkyu Shin, Francois Rameau, Seokju Lee, In So Kweon


3. Understanding Adversarial Examples from the Mutual Influence of Images and Perturbations

   Chaoning Zhang*, Philipp Benz*, Tooba Imtiaz, In So Kweon (* co-first authors)   


4. Robust Reference-based Super-Resolution with Similarity-Aware Deformable Convolution

   Gyumin Shim, Jinsun Park, In So Kweon