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저 자 Kyoungsig Roh, In So Kweon
학 회 3rd Korea-Japan Joint Conference
논문일시(Year) 1997
논문일시(Month) 01
We propose a new method for recognizing three-dimensional objects using a three dimensional invariant relationship and geometric hashing by singleview. We develop a special structure consisting of four co-planar points and any two non-coplanar points with respect to the plane. We derive an invariant relationship for the structure, which is represented by a plane equation. For the recognition of 3-D objects using the geometric hashing, a set of points on the plane, thereby
satisfying the invariant relationship, are mapped into a set of points intersecting the plane and the unit sphere.
Since the structure is much more general than the previous structures proposed by Rothwell et al. [1] and
Zhu et al. [2,3], it gives enough many voting to generate hypotheses. We also show that from the proposed
invariant relationship, an invariant for the structure by two-view and an invariant for a structure proposed by
Zhu et al. [2,3]can also be derived.

Experiments using 3-D polyhedral objects and an outdoor building scene are carried out to demonstrate the feasibility of our method for 3-D object recognition

List of Articles
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253. An Efficient Structure from Motion for 3D Reconstruction of Large-scale Scene
Yekeun Jeong, In So Kweon
Korea Robotics Society Annual Conference (KROC) 2007 2007 / 06
252. 다중반사특성을 이용한 새로운 초음파 거리 센서
Wangheon Lee, In So Kweon
ICASE논문집 2002 / 04
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Kukjin Yoon, Gijeong Jang, Sungho Kim, In So Kweon
Journal of Automation and System Engineering 2001 / 09
250. 3차원 형상복원을 위한 새로운 시각장치
Doohyun Lee, In So Kweon
제어자동화시스템공학회지 2000 / 05
249. 투사영상 불변량을 이용한 장애물 검지 및 자기위치 인식
Kyoungsig Roh, Wangheon Lee, Joonwoong Lee, In So Kweon
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246. 이동로봇주행을 위한 영상처리 기술
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Jongeun Ha, Jaeyong Lee, In So Kweon
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244. 교통정보 검지기 및 지능형 자동차 개발을 위한 영상처리 알고리즘
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제어자동화시스템공학회지 1996 / 11
243. 알루미늄 박판의 Stretch Forming 에 관한 연구
Kim Dongwon, In So Kweon
대한기계학회지 1983 / 02
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Doohyun Lee, In So Kweon, Roberto Cipolla
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Youngsu Moon, Youngjoon Park, In So Kweon
World Automation Congress(WAC) 1998 / 05
237. A robust method for 3-D structure recovery and moving object segmentation
Jongeun Ha, In So Kweon
4th Korea-Japan Joint Workshop on Computer Vision 1998 / 02
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