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ۼ : 10-12-08 12:42
[Image Processing] Adaptive Weights based Dense Stereo
 ۾ : TA
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Support-Weight based on Grouping

 1) Gestalt grouping in stereopsis 

   - Figure-ground discrimination

   - Marrs stages of visual processing

 2) Support-weight based on grouping

   - Support-weight is in proportion to the strength of grouping.

   - Main gestalt grouping laws: similarity, proximity

Support-Weight Computation

 1) Grouping  by similarity

 2) Grouping by proximity

Dissimilarity Computation (Matching cost)

 Using the support-weights in both support windows

   - Symmetric measure

   - Suppressing the effect of outliers


Support Aggregation via Non-linear Diffusion with Disparity-Dependent Support-Weights for Stereo Matching
  Kukjin Yoon , Yekeun Jeong , InSo Kweon
  Asian Conference on Computer Vision (ACCV), oral presentation , September 2009.


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