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[Domestic Conference] 형상 정합 기법 기반의 물체의 파지 및 이동 궤적 모사를 위한 로봇 시스템의 개발
Seong-Young Ko , Hanbyul Joo , Dong-Geol Choi , Hyeongwoo Kim , In So Kweon
2008 대한기계학회 , April 2008
  2008_0430_대한기계학회_Final.pdf 2008_0430_대한기계학회_Final.pdf (1.9M) [241]
This paper explains the development of robotic system to imitate the grasping motion and trajectory of an
object based on shape matching method. The system was developed so that it observes the position and the
trace of the chosen object, produces the trajectory for 5DoF robotic arm, and moves to mimic the trajectory
reversely. In order to extract the information of the object in real time, the shape matching algorithm is
applied to stereo images. The center position of the object is obtained at each image and these are utilized to
calculate the position in real time in terms of the camera coordination system. These points were converted
in terms of the robot coordination system, and the trajectory for robot’s motion was generated by interpolating
these points. The grasping motion of the robotic arm is planned using the start position and the end position
of the trajectory. It was shown that the developed robotics system based on shape matching method operates


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