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Gijeong Jang
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  로봇공학회 논문지 , January 2007
  제1회 한국지능로봇 하계 종합 학술대회 , June 2006  KRS_CAIR_073_김정호.pdf 
  Optics Letters , January 2006  GijeongJang_OpticsLetter2006.pdf 
  Pattern Analysis and Applications , December 2005  SunghoKim_PAA2005.pdf 
  International Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence , November 2005  SunghoKim_PAA2005.pdf 
  The 6th Workshop on Omnidirectional Vision, Camera Networks and Non-classical cameras (OMNIVIS2005) , October 2005  GijeongJang_Omni2005.pdf 
  KAIST , August 2005
  IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) , August 2005  GiJeongJang_IROS2005.pdf 
  Proceeding of the IEEE International Symposium on Computational Intelligence in Robotics and Automation (CIRA) , June 2005
  한국정밀공학회(KSPE) 2003 춘계학술대회 , June 2003  InSoKweon_KSPE2003.pdf 
  IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) , May 2002  icra2002_final1.pdf 
  Journal of Automation and System Engineering , September 2001  KukJinYoon_ICASE2001.pdf 
  International Symposium on Mechatronics and Intelligent Mechanical System for 21 Century (ISIM) , October 2000  GiJeongJang_ISIM2000.pdf 
  12th Workshop on Image Processing and Image Understanding (IPIU) , January 2000  GiJeongJang_IPIU2000.pdf 
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